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As you ease into your retirement years, you have to make a lot of decisions. The choice to relocate or age in place is one of the most challenging. The idea of remaining in your own home feels comfortable and suitable, but that option isn’t for everyone. Selling your home for cash today is also a choice worth considering. 

Aging in place isn’t for everyone

A lot happens as you transition toward retirement age. Your children grow up and settle into homes with their own families. Some move to other cities and states. With fewer family members living at home, you no longer need or want as much room as you once did. 

You may want to keep your beautiful multi-story home, but you might need to have everything on a single floor. As you age, simply walking up and down the stairs becomes one of many troublesome tasks. You won’t always have the personal energy to keep a spacious home as tidy as you once did. You might love your excellent landscaping, but if you can’t do the yard work, you’ll have to pay someone else to do it. 

AARP’s most recent Home and Community Preference Survey documents a difference in how adults age 50+ perceive how they will live as they age. While 76% want to age in their own homes, only 46% predict that they actually will. So when deciding their best future living arrangements, they must consider these and other factors. 

  • Housing affordability
  • Proximity to family
  • Health care access
  • In-home assistance
  • Access to transportation services
  • Home size and levels
  • Whether you age in place or move, it takes planning

    Whatever option you choose will require planning. For example, if you decide to move, you must plan to sell your home. The traditional real estate marketing process requires that you find a realtor you trust, fix up your home, list it, host open houses, and wait for the right buyer. 

    If you decide to age in place, you must adapt your home to meet your current and future health and safety needs. For example, your plans may involve changing to a single-floor living arrangement, widening doors to accommodate wheelchairs, adding walk-in showers, changing doorknobs for easier use, and more. 

    Next Level Home Buyers offers a simple home selling option

    Whether you plan to move to a smaller home, a senior community, an apartment, or a condo, we can help. Our Fast & Fair homebuying process gives you an option for selling your home for cash today. We buy your home As-Is: no cleaning, no fix-ups, and no upgrades. You pack, move out, and move forward.

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