Can I get to a better school district for my kids by moving?

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better school district for my kids

Everyone has a to-do list for their family home. If you’re a parent, “better school district for my kids” is usually number one on the list. As a parent, you know school is essential. But what if you didn’t have children when you first moved into your home?

Like most young couples, you don’t consider schools when children aren’t part of the equation. Instead, you think more about commute times, social engagements, and weekend fun.

As time passes and your family grows, your focus naturally changes. When your children approach school age, you think about their futures. So it makes sense to get them into the best school district possible.

School districts make a difference

A successful school is one of the most important aspects of a desirable neighborhood. Schools in strong districts prepare your child socially and academically. In addition, they help put your child on the path to higher education and career success. 

If you don’t have faith in your current neighborhood schools, you have two basic options to get your children the education they deserve.

  • Pay for a private school and arrange daily transportation: Private schools are a great option if you want to stay in your current home. But, of course, there’s a financial downside. You’ll have to pay tuition and transportation costs from elementary school through high school graduation.
  • Move to a neighborhood with highly rated schools: If you find a school district that meets your child’s educational needs, you’ll have to decide if relocating to a new neighborhood is reasonable and possible.
  • Getting your children into a better school district

    If you decide that it’s worth relocating into a better school district, you’ll have to add three primary goals to your to-do list. 

    1. Find a better school district for my kids

    You can do school research on websites like They publish ratings for public and private schools across the country. With the information they provide, you can compare schools and begin your search.

    2. Find a home in the school district of my choice.

    Once you find the right school, you’ll need a home in the district that fits your lifestyle. Your home search might be a challenge. You’ll probably find a lot of parents with the same to-do list as you. 

    3. Sell my home quickly so I can move.

    This process is where we come in. At Next Level Home Buyers, we buy your home when you’re ready. When you find a new home before you sell your old home, it’s easy to get caught up in double mortgages, double maintenance costs, and long selling delays. We eliminate the uncertainty with our Fast & Fair buying process. 

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      We can’t help you find a school for your children. But, we can buy your home so you can move as quickly as possible. So, give us a call at 860-368-0343‌ ‌or‌ ‌complete‌ ‌our‌‌ contact‌ ‌form‌.‌ We’ll tell you about our Fast & Fair homebuying process.

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