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Easier to Sell Your Home

If you were excited about selling your home in 2020, your enthusiasm and your plans likely went into lockdown by late March. Real estate services have remained “essential” throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately, the need for those services hasn’t kept pace with traditional demands. Now that mortgage rates are historically low, it’s easier to jumpstart your home-selling enthusiasm. But is it easier to sell your home?

Things are getting back to normal… but it’s a different normal

As the world backtracks from pandemic level restrictions, the real estate market is bouncing back as well. Like every other business, the real estate market “normal” looks different than it used to. It should be easier to sell your home than it was a few months ago. If it doesn’t seem to be happening for you right now, there could be a few reasons why.

  • COVID-19 is still out there.
  • People are still getting sick and trying to avoid getting sick.
  • Many people (but not everyone) are still social distancing.
  • Potential buyers might not want to enter a stranger’s home. (Even if everyone is wearing a mask!)

Selling Your Home Should be an Adventure Too

At Next Level Home Buyers, we want you to have an exciting home-selling adventure. We can do that for you because we eliminate all the things that exhaust you and frustrate you when you list your home with a traditional realtor.

You don’t have to repair, upgrade, or paint anything. You don’t have to work a To-Do list or worry about curb appeal and the illusion of space. You’ll have no open houses, no private showings, and no endless searches for the right buyers.

We buy your home As-Is. You can simply pack up your belongings and move on to your next big adventure. Here’s how it works.

  • We evaluate your home.
  • We make an offer.
  • You accept.
  • We close in as few as 7 days.

We work on your schedule and we follow a process that’s mindful of your need to remain socially distanced.

Aren’t low mortgage rates a big incentive?

Some people want to buy right now. That doesn’t mean they will or can. Low mortgage rates should make it easier to sell your home, but a few things have changed since early 2020.

  • Stricter mortgage guidelines: Since the pandemic began, the Mortgage Credit Availability Index has dropped by 16.1%, its lowest point in five years. The MCAI measures consumer access to mortgages. Conventional lenders as well as Fannie Mae, VA, FHA, and other government-supported loan programs won’t lend to buyers with lower than desired credit scores.
  • It’s harder to connect with strangers: Even if low mortgage rates help make it easier to sell your home, you still have to attract buyers. That means fixing, cleaning, remodeling, landscaping, staging, photographing, and confidently opening up your home to strangers. Are you ready for that?

We can make it easier to sell your home.

At Next Level Home Buyers, we eliminate all of your home-selling complications. We make it easier to sell your home because you don’t have to worry about pre-listing preparations, marketing, open houses, and buyer mortgage approvals.

Our home buying professionals make it simple and keep the process safe for you and your family. We evaluate your home and make a fair offer. If you accept it, we buy your home and we close in as few as 7 days.

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