How Can I Sell a Vacant House?

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sell a vacant house
What’s the best way to sell a vacant house? You might not have a concern about that right now, but vacant home dilemmas happen more often than you think.

  • Your employer gives you a tight deadline to transfer to another state.
  • You find your new dream home, and you want to move in ASAP.
  • You inherit a vacant property from a relative and you already have a home.
  • Vacant Homes Cost Money

    If you want to sell a vacant house, it makes sense to sell it as quickly as possible. The financial burden can weigh you down, even if you don’t have a mortgage. Whether you live in a home or not, you must pay taxes, maintenance costs, sewage bills, utility fees, insurance premiums, and other expenses.

    Vacant Houses Complicate Homeowners Insurance

    Vacant homes cause insurance issues simply because they are vacant. Vacancy encourages vandalism, arson, and other destructive criminal acts. Insurance companies see vacancy as a risk they never intended to insure. If your home is vacant, your insurer may take one of several positions.

    • They deny certain claims. Homeowners policies typically exclude coverage for vandalism and other incidents that occur when your home has been vacant.
    • Insurers sometimes deny coverage for any type of claim if you didn’t tell them that your home was going to be vacant for more than 60 days.
    • If you tell your insurer that your home is vacant, they have the right to cancel your policy due to the increased risk.
    • Your insurer might give you the option of purchasing “vacancy or unoccupancy” coverage.
    • If they agree to provide coverage for your vacant home, you will pay a significantly higher premium as long as it’s vacant.
    • Can a Realtor Sell a Vacant House?

      A traditional real estate agent works with a traditional process. That process doesn’t usually include a strategy for marketing your home fast. Of course, an agent will still sell your vacant home if that’s what you want.

      Your realtor will begin with a lengthy pre-market to-do list. If you’ve already moved to another area, you won’t have a lot of control over the methods or the costs to get the work done.

      • Repairing or upgrading aging or broken systems and fixtures
      • Deep cleaning, painting, and upgrading your interior
      • Staging your home so it looks like someone still lives there
      • Upgrading your home’s curb appeal to attract buyers

      Your realtor will host open houses and private tours in your absence. She won’t be able to tell you when she will sell your house or how much a seller will ultimately pay.

      You Deserve A More Flexible Option

      When you sell a vacant house directly to a professional home buyer, you can cut through the traditional red tape and sell your vacant home fast.

      At Next Level Home Buyers, our professionals take the stress out of owning and selling a vacant house. When we buy your vacant home, you don’t have to fix it up. You don’t have to host open houses or private showings. You don’t have to wait for the right buyer to come along.

      • We offer a simple, Fast & Fair process.
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      • Next‌ ‌Level‌ ‌Home‌ ‌Buyers‌ ‌

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