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The real estate market is pretty hot for sellers right now, but is it hot enough to sell your home As-Is? Probably not.

Despite seasonal weather shifts, a city exodus is keeping the real estate market healthy. Many city workers now have the option to work at home. They no longer need to stay close to town, or the highway, or the train station. They’re escaping their once-metropolitan commuter lives to live in quieter, gentler neighborhoods. These city escapees are buying up existing suburban residences and new home construction is still slow.

That means suburban homes are in short supply. It’s causing the market to heat up, except it’s not hot enough to sell your home As-Is. That’s primarily because homebuyers usually don’t want a home with too much of a lived-in look. Buyers want a home that looks as close to a blank slate as possible. They want spaciousness, neutral paint, well-manicured lawns, lots of light, and uncluttered everything. And they want curb appeal.

Homebuyers don’t want As-Is homes?

Even if people are rushing to relocate to the suburbs, they still don’t want a home they have to fix up. The article, 26 Things Home Buyers Will Hate About Your House, discusses this. The author talks about little turn-offs such as mildewed caulk in the bathroom and cracked windows anywhere in the house.

She also presents a list of 26 things buyers see as deal-breakers destined to jeopardize a home sale. They include bad landscaping, wall-to-wall carpeting, odd paint colors, faux-crystal faucet knobs, wallpaper, wood paneling, acoustic ceilings, and a bunch of other maintenance and decor issues you might be living with every day. The article cautions that if the homebuyer doesn’t catch these and other no-no items, the home inspector will.

The bottom line: If you plan to sell through traditional real estate channels, the market isn’t hot enough to sell your home As-Is. You’ll have to pay to fix it if you want to meet buyers’ expectations.

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