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If you’ve been thinking about selling your Connecticut home, it’s understandable if you’ve recently lost your enthusiasm. The mandatory changes in your family’s work, school, and social lives are enough to distract you from everything else. Shutdowns have forced everyone to postpone important plans until some time in the future. The good news is that if you want to sell your home sooner rather than later, you can still accomplish that goal.

“Real estate transactions and related services” are exempted from Executive Order No. 7H, business closings. You can still sell your home as long as you comply with Connecticut’s “social distancing” guidelines.

Pre-Listing Preparation

That’s not an easy task when you market through the traditional real estate process. You’ll begin with agent walkthroughs and recommendations. You will have a lengthy to-do list with multiple tasks geared toward getting your home presentation-ready.

You’ll need to repair, upgrade, fix-up, paint, and stage everything inside and out. If you have contractors do the work, that means you’ll have strangers coming and going throughout your home.

Hardware stores are essential and open so you could buy the materials and do the work yourself. Although that’s an idea worth considering, DIY upgrades require a significant time and money commitment. You also need the skills to get the work done.

Hosting an Open House While “Social Distancing”

Selling your home the traditional way requires you to stage a series of social events to help you find the right buyer. Usually, when you have an open house the goal is to get as many potential buyers as possible into your home during a weekend afternoon. The current 5-person gathering limit minimizes the potential for success.

On open house day, you’ll tidy up and leave your home while your real estate agent hosts the event. (Currently, the park is the only place you can go.) Some people will interact with your realtor while others wander through your home, touching this and that. Of course, this will only happen if:

1) People show up and

2) They feel it’s safe to enter your home

Most potential buyers will likely ignore your open house notices in favor of the governor’s directive to “Stay Safe, Stay Home.”

Private Showings

You might have some success with private showings. Again you must leave your home while the agent shows a buyer and their agent through your house. During a private showing, there won’t be as many people coming and going. They will still touch surfaces, flip light switches, pull curtains back, and open and close your doors.

We Offer a Safer Way

At Next Level Homebuyers, we make selling your home as easy and safe as possible. We buy your home as-is, without pre-listing preparation, staging, open houses, and private showings.

Our home buyer can usually get an idea about your home and its value through online photos and specifications. Our buyer will need to do a home inspection, of course. Then you will only have to deal with one person, not a crowd. During any meeting with you, our Home Buyer will take the necessary precautions to keep you safe.

After your inspection, we’ll get back to you quickly with an offer. If you agree, we’ll close within as few as 7 days. With current technological advances, we can execute and exchange many documents online and transfer money virtually. No touching required.

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