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Want To Avoid Repairs

If you want to sell your house but it needs too many repairs, you feel trapped. You want to work with a realtor but before they even agree to represent you, they’ll want to inspect your home. Before they leave, they’ll give you a long list of the things you need to do.

Realtors insist that they can’t sell your home unless you complete the repairs and maybe make a few upgrades. The traditional real estate process doesn’t consider your financial dilemma. If you had the money to make repairs and upgrades, you would have done that already.

That’s the way it goes when you sell your house through traditional real estate channels. At Next Level Home Buyers, we offer a Fair & Fast home buying option that’s not as demanding as a traditional real estate process. We buy your home As-Is even if needs extensive repairs

At Next Level Home Buyers, you do not have to paint to sell your house.
At Next Level Home Buyers, you can sell your house even if it needs extensive repair.

Damage Happens

At Next Level Home Buyers we don’t judge your home, we just want to buy it. We understand how home repairs can start out small and gradually turn into problems so big you can’t sell your house. This happens for many reasons.

  • Insurance companies don’t pay all of the damage for a covered claim.
  • You have uninsured water damage.
  • Your aging roof needs to be replaced
  • Unrepaired damage accumulates over the years.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair Your Home

Suppose you decide to get your home repaired, sign with a real estate agent and put your home on the market. That’s when you have to worry about ROI. When you make repairs so you can sell your house, you must consider the return on your investment.

Home remodeling experts will tell you that if you make repairs and upgrades before you sell your house, you might not get your money back. Here’s what they say about the ROI vs the average national cost of some remodeling projects.

  • A bathroom remodel costs an average of $19,134. The average estimated ROI is 70%.
  • A Major Kitchen Remodel costs $63,829. Your potential ROI is 59%.
  • A Roof Replacement is $20,939. The average ROI is 68.4%
  • A Garage door replacement is $3,470. The average ROI is 98.3%.

What this tells you is that even if you have the cash to get the repairs done, you might not get the money back when you sell your house.

Sell your house without the expense of extensive repairs.
You can sell your house without putting on a new roof.

Home Repairs are a Big Deal

Big damage costs a lot to repair. That’s why it’s a major stumbling block when you’re trying to sell your house. When your insurance company won’t pay to have the repairs done, that means it’s up to you.

You could deduct the money from your savings or your retirement funds, but that could eliminate your financial cushion. You could get a loan, but do you really want to do that?

If your home needs extensive repairs and you can’t afford to get them done, you might not be able to sell your house. That’s probably a big deal for you. We have the resources to make repairs so it’s not a big deal for us.

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We want to buy your house even if it needs big repairs. If you want to sell your house without the hassle of big repair costs, contact us at 860-368-0343 or complete our information form.

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