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Hoarders will collect all manner of items and store them in the house without discarding unused objects. They fear losing things, which isn’t bad in itself, but they have difficulty keeping the objects organized.

That can create clutter on an unimaginable scale that’s near impossible to clean. Considering nearly every realtor will ask you to declutter a house before selling, should you get rid of the stuff when selling a hoarder’s home? Let’s find out.

Steps to follow when selling hoarders home

Contrary to popular belief, you can sell a home as is. That means you don’t have to fix anything wrong with it. But does that extend to hoarders’ items?

Selling hoarders home as is

If you don’t want to go through the hustle of cleaning the junk or don’t have the money or time to hire someone to do it instead, you could sell the home in its present condition. The house may even be in disrepair, and it just isn’t worth the time, money, and effort to fix the mess.

If that’s the case, selling the hoarders house as it is will be the right move, as clearing the mess might involve cleaning and repairing experts and renting storage space. Please note that you will likely take a price hit as the new owner will have to do the cleaning and fixing.

In such scenarios, selling the home to known entities that buy houses as is, such as home flippers, seems the best move. They will save you from having to conduct a public viewing as they will inspect the house privately and make you an offer based on the current market price.

Clearing and selling hoarders home

If you’d instead get the full amount of the house’s worth, then there’s only one thing for it—clear the hoarder’s mess and make it presentable. After all, staged homes fetch 17% more than non-staged ones. It may seem straightforward, but clearing years of clutter is no mean feat. So, here’s what you need to do:

Declutter: That would mean sorting out the items into batches of things you’ll keep vs those you’ll discard. Do note that hoarders’ homes probably have a pest infestation, mold, and pungent odor, which would need the intervention of professionals to remove safely.

Clean: Clear all the rooms to provide space to conduct a thorough cleaning. Ask friends or relatives to take away items they need, store the other objects, and throw away the rest. At this point, it would be best to call professional cleaners to carry out deep cleaning.

Repairs and maintenance: The hoarder can barely see the house, so it will inevitably suffer from years of neglect. Attend to the required plumbing, finishing, or even structural damage to get the home in tip-top condition. Don’t forget the curb appeal, as that is the first thing your target demographic will see.

Staging and marketing: Make the space desirable by staging it. That will transform the space and boost its value to potential buyers. You can then take professional photos and videos of the pristine home and showcase it in various forums such as social media and real estate listing sites.

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