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The National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 99% of realtors believe a curb’s appeal is vital for attracting buyers. But is it that essential? Keep reading as we examine if having an appealing house exterior is critical to selling the home.

What Does “Sell House As-Is” Mean?

When you decide to sell house as-is, you will not conduct repairs or improvements on the property before or after the purchase. Instead, you will hand over the home to the buyer in the same condition as they saw it. 

What Is Curb Appeal?

The term refers to making the property appealing from the view of someone walking down the sidewalk. It includes the porch, door, grounds, driveway, fences, or anything you can see around the building.

What Is the Importance of Curb Appeal When Selling Your House?

The most significant reasons to keep your home’s outward appearance in excellent condition include the following:

1. First impressions matter

It’s the first thing potential buyers see. You want prospective buyers to view your home favorably because people form lasting impressions of new things within a fraction of a second. 

Further, 41% of potential homebuyers start their search for homes online; pique their interest by providing eye-catching photos emphasizing your home’s curb appeal.

Buyers may even overlook the house’s internal flaws if its exterior initially impressed them. But conversely, a poor first impression might affect the home’s sale.

2. It increases the perceived value of your home

Seemingly little details, such as dead grass or rusty gutters, can negatively affect the value of a house. Therefore, improving a home’s outermost appeal could be the difference between receiving a competitive and a low-priced offer.

As they move into the property or step out of the car, buyers will inspect the place, starting outside. If they notice any issues with the aesthetic attractiveness of the landscaping, you can bet that’s filed under grounds for a discount.

Maintaining the lawn, trimming bushes, and picking up garbage make a huge difference, even if you can’t afford significant improvements. 

There is a higher chance that the buyer will pay the asking price and avoid counteroffering on deal-breakers if the home looks nice from the street. So there’s a reason why researchers found curb appeal might lead to a 7% increase in the selling price.

3. It can be a deal breaker

Some prospective buyers are always up and about, scanning an area for potential houses. If your home is the shabbiest in the area, they won’t pay it a second look.

Think about it—who would want to buy the worst home on the street when there are better alternatives everywhere around the neighborhood?

4. It is an indicator of a well-maintained home

The condition of a house’s exterior indicates how well-maintained it is. However nice the interior may be, it doesn’t compensate for a poorly maintained exterior. 

A neglected exterior, like overgrown grass, fading paint, and a damaged driveway, may put off prospective buyers. When they see the mess outside, they have zero confidence that what’s inside and beyond their line of sight is any better.

5. Sets your home apart from others

If other homes are for sale in the area, your home’s excellent external appeal will help it stand out from the competition. So, take the time to carefully highlight its desired features while downplaying its less appealing ones. 

Try keeping healthy-looking and manicured lawns, colorful landscaping, and a freshly painted façade. That will help distinguish it from the competing listings.

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