Selling a House after a Death: Selling a House Quickly So You Can Spend the Time Doing What You Need to Do

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Selling a House after a Death

Selling a house after the passing on of a loved one can be tedious as your mind is still in the grieving stage. Nevertheless, you’ve got to hasten up the house sale to avoid an accumulation of bills. But how do you go about it quickly? This article guides you through the steps to take when selling a house after a death to improve the chances of a fast sale

Preparation Work 

Firstly, you must determine the correct legal channels for inheriting the house and being its rightful owner, as you mustn’t sell property that isn’t yours. 

The process must begin with the inclusion of all interested parties (heirs or inheritors). That enables you to name an estate executor, who will be in charge of all decisions related to selling the house, including settling bills and payments for the mortgage, taxes, and house insurance.

Good preparation enables you to understand what needs doing and avoid disagreements when dealing with the transfer of ownership. 

Hire a Real Agent with Experience in Selling a House after a Death

The most prudent second step would be acquiring the services of a professional real estate agent that all heirs agree to.

You’ve got to settle on an agent with a track record of dealing with inherited property sales, preferably in the same state as the property’s location. An agent that operates in the same state will have access to the local Multiple Listing Service.

Such an agent likely has all the strategies mapped out—they know the market, potential buyers, and the right sticker price to slap on the property—to ensure a quick sale.

Make Repairs or Remodel

The best way to improve your chances of selling a house fast after a death is to ensure it is in tip-top condition before listing. Home buyers hate conducting repairs after a costly purchase. A home in near-new condition will attract more suitors.

Repairs and remodeling will make it more appealing to buyers and raise the property’s value, which means you can sell it at a higher price. Examples of repairs you can perform:

  • Replacing worn-out flooring tiles and ceilings
  • Painting of walls
  • Installing new appliances 

A home inspector can also help identify issues that need attention before listing the house.

Get the House Ready 

Remove all the belongings left behind by the deceased. You can distribute the belongings to the heirs, donate to charity, or sell them. That will help depersonalize the space, allowing potential buyers to picture themselves living in the home.

Next, follow standard industry practice by giving the house a commercial clean to prepare it for visitors.

Home Listing

The stages of listing a property include preparation, staging, and promotion. When done correctly, the property has a 73% chance of spending less time in the market.

That involves gathering all the data about the house and developing proper ways of presenting the information to interested buyers. 

Staging then comes into play to showcase the house to potential buyers. Consider hiring a professional photographer and videographer to shoot attractive photos and videos of the property for a virtual tour, staging, and promotion

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