Selling Homes Without Real Estate Agencies

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Selling Homes Without Real Estate Agencies

Selling homes without real estate agencies is not exactly a far-fetched concept. However, there is a slight decline in the demand for real estate agents. Homeowners are choosing to take control of selling their homes, sidestepping the go-betweens and steep commissions. 

In the past, you had to go to a real estate agent or advertise in the local newspapers to sell your home. That is no longer necessary today. Using an app, you can buy or sell a home conveniently through your phone. 

As 273 million Americans own a smartphone, it’s no surprise the mobile app industry is thriving. Real estate companies have capitalized on this by offering apps for selling homes without real estate agencies. So, here’s how you can use apps to sell your home and avoid real estate agents.

The Downsides of Using a Real Estate Agent

Selling homes without real estate agencies is an option that many homeowners are now opting for. However, when you choose a real estate agency, they won’t just be selling your home. You can bet agents will be distracted, probably placing more effort on selling homes that offer them the best commission. 

Since there are other houses the agency is trying to sell, you’ll have to work according to their schedule. That may not work for you, especially if you need to sell the house fast. 

But by far, the biggest drawback of using a real estate agent is the financial cost. You will pay both the seller and buyer’s agency fees at a 2.5%-3% rate each, translating to about 5-6% in total agency fees

Advantages of Selling Homes Without Real Estate Agencies 

One of the best ways of selling homes without real estate agencies is through a real estate app because:

1. Increased target reach

A real estate agent often works locally, with a target audience limited to the locality. However, what about clients who may not be within your locality but are interested in purchasing property there? 

A real estate app shows your listing to local and out-of-town clients, increasing your listing’s reach. 

2. Increase in potential clients

With traditional advertising, the marketing material reached a general audience, some who aren’t even interested in buying a home. However, people opening a real estate app are likely interested in purchasing a home.

Further, you can use it to gauge the market price of similar homes. That will help you set the right price and increase your pool of potential buyers. Moreover, you can compare offers from different buyers before settling on one.

3. A better understanding of what buyers look for

Depending on the features the real estate app offers, you can gain insight into what renters/buyers are looking for. Then, if you have the money, you can upgrade your property to include the features buyers look for, potentially increasing your windfall and granting you an edge over the competition. 

4. Instant notifications

Some of the best mobile apps include push notifications that alert you when someone views the property, inquires, or makes an offer. Real-time notifications are crucial for rapid response. 

Use NLHB to Sell Your Home Fast

If you like the idea of selling homes without real estate agencies, then reach out to Next Level Home Buyers (NLHB) for help. 

Forget the hassle of waiting for agents to conclude sales according to their schedule, only to send you a hefty bill for their commission. With NLHB, we will assess your home, make you an offer, and send you cash within a week of accepting the offer. No more agency commissions.

For quick sales, peace of mind, and a 0% agency fees rate, contact us or call us on 860-368-0343‌.

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