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Sell Your House With No Listing

When you’re ready to sell your house, there are plenty of behind-the-curtain decisions to make. For instance, you must decide when to list, how to sell, and how much profit you hope to make. If you’re the type who’s not afraid to get your hands dirty, then you can sell your house with no listing or hiring a real estate agent. That allows you to sell your house without incurring realtor or listing fees. Here’s how you can sell your home fast without paying agent and listing fees. 

Selling Your House With No Listing

There is a common misconception among people who aren’t conversant with real estate, insinuating that you can’t sell a property without listing it first. If you were wondering, yes, you could sell your house with no listing!

If anything, between 2021-2022, 10% of homes sold were For Sale By Owner (FSBO). Further back in 2020, buyers bought 77% of FSBO homes in less than two weeks.

In short, there are several ways to sell a house without going through a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) platform. You can sell your home through off-market real estate, which offers several benefits to sellers:

  • Preserving privacy: An off-market listing provides discretion if you don’t want people to know where you live or don’t want to attract unwanted attention. Under an off-market sale, a real estate agent will share your house details with other professionals within their network of prospective buyers. Choosing to sell through this method may lack a bidding war, but it still provides a high chance of finding a buyer. 
  • Allows you to test the market: There’s no pressure when selling off-market, enabling you to test your home’s marketability. That will help you determine the right asking price for your property. 
  • Flexibility: You control the transaction terms when you sell your home off-market. You have control over who views and, eventually, buys your house. That offers flexibility compared to if you sold through a listing. 

Selling Your House With No Realtor Fee

The biggest perk to selling your house using this strategy is you won’t have to pay the realtor fee. Typically, realtors take about 4%-6% of the home’s sale price. For instance, if you sell the house for $500,000 at an agreed realtor fee of 4%, the agent will receive $20,000!

Even though you may have your work cut out for you, here’s how to sell your home with no realtor fees:

  • Determine the best asking price for your property. Solicit the help of a real estate agent and drive around neighborhoods to research different homes. Keep track of the asking price of homes in your area. Enlist
  • Prepare your home for sale. Conduct proper repairs and maintenance on anything that needs work. It is standard industry practice to professionally clean the house before a viewing. You could also hire a home staging company to help buyers envision themselves living in your home.
  • Hang up signage and use the internet for advertising. Use professional photographs showcasing your property’s best features. 

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