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Most sellers want their houses to look attractive and appealing to buyers. So naturally, curb appeal has become a buzzword in the real estate industry. It refers to appealing exterior qualities of your home, such as landscaping or exterior architecture. 

Curb appeal is one of the definitive aspects that attract potential buyers and influences their purchase decision. You are likely to sell your home for up to 7% more if you improve its curb appeal than if you tried to sell your ugly house as-is. 

Here’s why you should entirely focus on improving your home’s curb appeal to improve your chances of selling your ugly house and how to go about it.

Why Curb Appeal Is Vital When Trying to Sell Your Ugly House

According to the study above, homes with great curb appeal sell for as much as 14% more during housing market weaknesses. 

Your home might have two essential sides: inside and outside, but it is the outside, specifically the front side, that attracts buyers to view the inside. With good reason:

  • It’s the first thing buyers seeFirst impressions matter, so a home with good curb appeal is likely to attract a strong reaction and coax buyers into making an offer, 
  • Reflects the state of the residence: A house with lovely curb appeal typically embodies a well-maintained home.
  • Raises perceived worth: If your home has good curb appeal, it will pass the sniff test of most buyers. Considering a rundown house recently sold for nearly $2 million, buyers will typically pay a sum higher if it has good curb appeal.
  • The home stands out: When trying to sell your ugly house, one way to make it stand out from the crowd is to improve its curb appeal. A few landscape alterations and outside home improvements will beautify any unremarkable home.

How to Improve Curb Appeal 

Fortunately, there are surefire quick fixes you can implement before you place your home on the market:

Clean the outside: Power wash the walkways and clean the porch, windows, and doors. A good scrub on surfaces is an economical way to boost the appearance of your home. Next, maintain the lawn by mowing, watering, and weeding it.

Repairs and Replacements: Fill cracks and replace worn-out pavers. Check the roof for cracks or leaks and call a professional to fix them. 

Adjust Your Exterior Lighting41% of buyers consider lighting an essential part of outdoor spaces. Get new lighting that matches the architecture of your home. For example, porch lights are the most visible, and changing them adds aesthetic value to your home. 

Repaint your house: Paint your front door a color that contrasts with the rest of the house, making your home appear larger than it is. According to the article above, fresh paint increases a home’s value by close to 2-5%. 

Redecorate your front yard: A well-maintained front yard is visually appealing, improving your home’s curb appeal. Use trees, flowers, and grass on its lawn. Plant roses, ferns, geraniums, and azaleas, and water them regularly. 

Add style to your porch: A well-designed front porch adds character to your home while increasing its value. In addition, you can install a potting shed or deck if you live in a climate where they are necessary.

Final Words – Why You Should Improve Curb Appeal

Curb appeal matters a lot when trying to sell a home. When you work with a realtor who understands curb appeal, you’ll see a big difference in how much you will fetch when selling your home. 

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