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What’s My House Worth

We will conduct a house valuation for your house.

Our House Valuation Process

When we make an offer to buy your house we don’t just pull a number out of the air. Our Fair & Fast process is fast because we get cash to you fast. It’s fair because we conduct a house valuation and deduct only necessary expenses from that number before we make an offer.

When we conduct a house valuation, we do a comparative market analysis (CMA) to make sure we get the pricing right. We research repair and other costs as well. If our offer formula were an equation it would look something like this:

Market Value – costs (repair, closing, etc. ) = Offer

Identical Houses Aren’t Really The Same

If you’ve ever talked to a real estate agent about pricing your home for the market, you probably spent a lot of time talking about two big house valuation concepts: market value and comparables. Those are two critical factors in our house valuation process as well.

  1. Market Value is a big thing. That’s what homes like yours are selling for in the current market. For example, If you and your neighbor have the same home design on the same size lot in the same community, your homes likely have comparable market values. We say likely because you can’t do an accurate house valuation until you compare two houses feature-by-feature.
  2. Comparables are the other big thing in a house valuation. For example, if your neighbor’s house is just like yours except your home has an aging roof, worn carpeting, faded paint, holes in the wall, and the exterior needs a paint job, your home isn’t really comparable to your neighbor’s and neither is the value. For a true house valuation, you’d have to find a home with the same issues as yours. Does that make sense?
Find a house with the same issues as yours for a true house valuation.
Learn about hour hose valuation process.

What Would A Realtor Do?

Most realtors try to maximize their commision so they suggest you fix the roof, replace the worn carpeting, paint the faded walls, repair the holes, and paint the exterior. And since you were already spending all that cash, they would suggest you call a landscaper and work on your curb appeal. (Realtors talk a lot about curb appeal.)

Repairs and upgrades are only the beginning. If you sold your home through an agent, you’d have to pay your share of the closing and out-of-pocket costs before your buyer handed over the lender’s payment. And your real estate agent wouldn’t let you forget about their commission.

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